With a decade of experience in the cleaning industry, Clean City, LLC offers guaranteed cleaning services for all properties. We take cleaning seriously and aim to keep your spaces spotless and new at all times. Our expertise is not only limited to professional and impeccable cleaning services, but we also sell cleaning products, including brooms, dustpans, mops, etc.

Based in Miami, Florida, Clean City’s culture offers a respected and valued space for customers and employees. With our vast expertise and trained staff, we are committed to fulfilling the required cleaning services by clients, and efficiently manage their property’s maintenance operations. Our services cover areas, including restaurant cleaning, residential cleaning, and bathroom cleaning.

Clean City, LLC considers its clients as the heart of the company and gives top-priority to their satisfaction. For the convenience of our customers, we send employees to clients in the language our customers prefer.

Our diligence, meticulous planning, and affordable packages crafted especially for customers, make us highly efficient and reputable in the cleaning industry.

We have helped them out in emergencies in cleaning their homes and moving out debris, which has made them our loyal customers.